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In her lawsuit, Samantha Markle alleged that Meghan made “false and malicious lies” about her during the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, as well as in the biography Finding Freedom. The two-hour interview with the veteran US chat show host was broadcast in the US on March 7 last year and was viewed by more than 50 million people worldwide. During that interview, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry described her relationship with her family, saying she was an “only child” and had last seen Samantha “at least 18, 19 years ago and before, 10 years before.”

But on Wednesday, a motion by Meghan’s half-sister claimed Judge Charlene Honeywell, who was appointed by Obama, was too close to Meghan and Harry.

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The motion said the judge’s “impartiality will be called into question” as she was appointed by the former US president, according to a report by global newspaper Insider.

It claimed, “The Obama family, Prince Harry and Meghan are ‘allies’ and strong supporters of each other.”

But the motion was flatly rejected by the judge, who said she had no relationship with Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The judge wrote in her decision: “President Obama appoints the undersigned” [the judge herself] almost 13 years ago.

“But the undersigned has never had any social or professional relationship with the Obamas.

“The undersigned has never spoken to the former President or the former First Lady.”

Following this ruling, Ms Markle’s lawyer Jamie Alan Sasson insisted that they rely on the judge’s honesty.

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Last month, Samantha Markle launched another attack on Meghan after their father’s recent health scare.

Ms Markle gave an update on Thomas Markle’s ill health after being hospitalized a few days earlier.

She claimed that Meghan had made no attempt to reach the family, especially her father, in an act she called “ridiculous”.

Meghan’s half-sister told Good Morning Britain: “His phone number has never changed, his address has never changed and although he cannot speak, his understanding of language is perfect.

“She can text him, she can contact him and he can text back. She hasn’t contacted him.”

“If you want to talk to your father, just do it!”

Ms Markle added: “The idea that it would be justified to disown your father because he was photographed, or that he, or that he was an opportunist, is crazy.”