Messi is the secret of Ronaldo’s crisis at United

Moataz Al Shami (Dubai)
News of Ronaldo’s desire to leave United sparked much controversy, contrary to all indications that the player’s desire to continue and work with new Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag, according to Ronaldo’s own statements last month, but what is the reason?
It seems that the “leadership struggle” between Messi and Ronaldo is still burning despite the duo nearing the finish line, as a report from the Spanish newspaper “Marca” revealed that Messi’s jealousy prompted the Don to escape the ” sunk” Manchester United ship.
Although several media reports indicated that Dutch coach Ten Hag was dissatisfied with Ronaldo’s evasion and did not participate in training, he arranged a meeting with the United government and demanded that Ronaldo’s position be resolved as soon as possible, either to stay or have him leave the club immediately. , especially as the team is preparing for an Asian tour in a matter of hours. †
The senior United stars commented on Ronaldo’s position when former team star Jimmy Carragher confirmed that “Don” cannot continue if he is not happy with United, adding: “Yes Ronaldo scored goals but he made the team worse “, according to the newspaper Marca. revealed the real reason behind Ronaldo’s desire to leave, and his insistence on entering the Champions League next season, which may be his last, and the paper pointed out that Messi’s entry into the Champions with Saint-Germain and his non- participation if he continues with United is considered unacceptable by the Don.
The newspaper also noted that the difference in goals scored in the Champions League favors Ronaldo with 141 goals as the record goal for the Don, for Messi with 16 goals, and his participation in the next edition could narrow this gap. or threaten him when the Don is absent.
Chelsea are preparing to make an offer for Ronaldo worth £14million, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, while former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino confirmed Ronaldo wants to protect his Champions League goalscoring record and leave United in defense of his arrogance and pride against Messi.