Mexican Drug Cartel Pays $4.6 Billion Over Murders of Mormon Families in 2019

A United States judge has ordered a Mexican drug cartel to pay more than $4 billion over the 2019 Mormon family massacres.



In 2019, a caravan containing three vehicles, including three women, twins of two, eight months old and three other children, was ambushed by a Mexican drug cartel. Seven children of the caravan survived the attack, of which 5 were shot in total. The children had to brave the desert heat to find help, while the others were burned alive after the caravan was set on fire. Since then, the families have accused the cartel of targeting them for their public criticism of the drug trade. In 2020, the families filed charges against the cartel for the desert attack.

US judge orders Mexican drug cartel to pay $4.6 billion to Mormon families over 2019 desert attack

According to The Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota federal magistrate Judge Clare Hochalter has reached a massive settlement against the Juarez cartel, which allegedly killed members of the Mormon community in the murder about 90 miles south of the U.S. border. . Thanks to the federal Anti-Terrorism Act, Hochalter’s $1.5 billion ruling is automatically tripled, bringing the total to $4.5 billion for the wrongful lawsuits. Some of the victims witnessed the murders of their relatives, while other relatives subsequently went to the scene and found their loved ones dead.