Microsoft discontinues Internet Explorer browser


Microsoft is discontinuing the Internet Explorer web browser after 27 years.

Microsoft is ending support for most versions of its Internet Explorer 11 browser on June 15, after announcing more than a year ago that it would be removed from most versions of Windows 10 this year.

Internet Explorer was first released in 1995 as part of the Windows 95 operating system add-on package.

On later versions, the browser was available as a free download or in service packs, and included in the original manufacturer service releases of Windows 95 and later versions of Windows.

Microsoft stopped developing new features of the browser in 2016 in favor of its new browser Microsoft Edge.

Since Internet Explorer is a Windows component and included in long-term lifecycle versions of Windows, such as Windows Server 2019, it will continue to receive security updates until at least 2029.

Internet Explorer was once the most widely used web browser, peaking at about 95 percent in 2003.

However, its usage share has declined since then with the launch of Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008), and with the growing popularity of mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS that do not support Internet Explorer.