Migrant Tragedy in San Antonio Highlights Dangers of Border Crossings

Saint Anthony

Victims were found without identity papers and in one case a stolen identity document. Remote villages have no telephone service to reach relatives and determine the whereabouts of missing migrants. Fingerprint data must be shared and matched by different governments.

More than a day after the discovery of a suffocating trailer in San Antonio where 51 migrants who died were left behind in the blistering heat, few identities of the victims have been made public, illustrating the challenges authorities face in tracking down people who cross the border clandestinely.

By Tuesday afternoon, medical examiners may have identified 34 of the victims, said Rebeca Clay-Flores, a Bexar County commissioner, which represents the district where the truck was left behind. Those identities had not yet been confirmed pending additional steps, such as fingerprinting, and she described it as a challenge with no timeline as to when the process could be completed.