Modric opens fire on the believers in “the happiness of Real Madrid”… and tells the scenes of the Paris Saint-Germain battle


In a lengthy interview with the Croatian daily “Sportsky”, Real Madrid star Luka Modric spoke about many things related to his last season and his career with Real Madrid, his relationship with his colleagues and his coach, and the case was nor without sarcasm towards those who criticize Real Madrid.

Modric said at the beginning of the dialogue: “It’s hard to say this is my best football season, I’ve had great seasons before, including 2017-2018 where we won the thirteenth title, but it was a really great season. we add our qualification to the Qatar World Cup and take a step forward in the Europa League, what I can say is that this Champions League title was the best of my career.”

I was surprised to see Messi in a different shirt!

And he spoke in detail about Paris Saint-Germain’s exclusion from the final prize, saying: “The Paris match was a milestone in our journey, before that nobody nominated us and there was no confidence in us to eliminate this team. To Carvajal at the time: you will see how we will take them out at the Bernabeu! He also believed in our return.”

He added: “It was very strange to see Messi wearing a different shirt after many El Clásico matches. His talent was added to the talent of Neymar and Mbappe, and they were a great team showing the world that he belongs to the elite.”

controversial photo

And of the photo where he asked for a Kylian Mbappe shirt, which spilled a lot of ink after Mbappe refused to sign for Real Madrid, Modric said: “I asked Mbappe for directions to the dressing rooms and I don’t regret it. These things , I understand that the media wants to make everything special and special, but Mbappé’s shirt was just a childhood dream, he is the son of Vida (his teammate in the Cameroon national team) and he asked me to give him the shirt and that’s all!”

And he added: “Mbappe has decided what he has decided and it is over, he has the right to decide what he wants and now he has to live with his decision. He is a great player but there is no player more important than a club, Real Madrid is the biggest, he is above everyone and all the time the situation will remain that way, maybe later, time will tell.”

Modric recalled his five Champions League tournaments with Real Madrid, saying: “I remember traveling to Madrid at the end of August 2012 and I remember how longing I was to get the chance from Jose Mourinho to compete against Barcelona in the Spanish Super , I came from Tottenham where I had 4 wonderful seasons But I didn’t get a chance to win a trophy so I came to Madrid, I came for trophies, here in Madrid if you take a tournament, you immediately think of what then it is normal here, it is like DNA, now we think of the 15.”

The happiness of Real Madrid

And speaking of the talks about the concept of Real Madrid’s luck, which he attacked repeatedly, Modric said: “We’ve knocked out giant teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, is this all by luck? You see that the quality of the players played a different role in the case, some prefer to say we win by chance and miracles, i don’t mind, let them think and let us win!

As for former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, Modric said: “I was sad when Ramos definitely left the team. We maintain our relationship and speak daily through correspondence, but as I said Madrid remains, this is the DNA of this club. “

Ancelotti and Benzema

About his coach Carlo Ancelotti: “Ancelotti had a great role in the post-Zidane era. It is not easy to deal with this after Zizou’s departure. He has developed many players and is among the best for the team. player .”

Modric praised Real Madrid star Karim Benzema and said he deserved to win the Ballon d’Or, stressing: “Benzema is Benzema, a player number 9 and 10 in one! A tyrannical talent, strength, fun and motivation. He’s one of the best I’ve played with. He deserves the Ballon d’Or with everything. Sure, but I don’t think he deserves it just for this season, but for many previous seasons, from the first practice, I’ve coached him in Valdebebas and I know what he has and love to play with him, in recent years he received a lot of criticism, and despite not giving up, he believed in himself and responded with his talent and perseverance. criticized him and made them his fans.”

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