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A man labeled a “serial waste criminal” has been fined nearly half a million dollars for failing to clean up tons of asbestos waste.

Christopher Binos was ordered to pay just over $450,000 for dumping a total of approximately 3,400 tons of asbestos-filled material on two properties in Sydney and the Illawarra in 2019, and subsequently failing to clean up, despite having notices received requiring him to do so by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

In a statement, the EPA said Binos dumped the material after the owners of the two properties responded to online advertisements offering free refills.

“The court found that Mr. Binos acted intentionally — he knew the fill contained asbestos,” said Stephen Beaman, the EPA’s executive director for regulatory activities.

Beaman said it was a “timely reminder” to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.