MTV has suddenly ‘paused’ production on Jersey Shore 2.0 amid OG Cast’s disapproval!

Maybe the original Jersey Shore cast got their way?!

Multiple reports emerged on Wednesday claiming MTV execs suddenly and unexpectedly stopped production Jersey Shore 2.0† The reboot series had was set to split from the original cast’s iconic reality work at the network, but the OG stars struggled to let their legacy be changed by newcomers!

And now the original Jersey Shore legends can finally get what they wanted!

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According to TMZwho first reported the news on Wednesday, “several people connected to the show” say the network “suddenly” pulled the plug Jersey Shore 2.0† For their part, MTV spokespersons have only confirmed to the outlet that production has been “paused”. Furthermore, the outlet notes that MTV execs are trying to publicize that the original stars’ annoying statement “had nothing to do with the production hiatus.”

uh uh…

On set, the news organization claims, people associated with the show are stunned. A source claims that “details are now being worked out”, and other insiders are apparently struggling to figure out what’s going on. Sources told the outlet that the only thing that would cause production to stop this one soon and unexpectedly would be a problem with the reboot cast itself. That is, maybe they don’t get along, or maybe something like that For real bad has happened on set. Oof. Let’s hope it’s not the second one.

later on wednesday, ET was able to corroborate the original report that production in NJ was doubled and “interrupted.”

That word just keeps getting thrown around – but will it really start again soon?! We wouldn’t put money on it. In Hollywood, “maybe” means “no” and “paused” often means “killed.”

regardless, TMZ published photos from just a few days ago, on July 8, showing production vehicles in the new mansion. Something has clearly and radically changed between then and now! And at the moment there is at least nothing wrong with Jersey Shore 2.0

As Perezcious readers will recall, MTV first announced the new cast and updated show back in May. The network proudly boasted how the “time-honored tradition” of gym, tanning and washing would continue “with a new group of roommates.” But almost immediately the s**t hit the fan, and the original series stars hit back.

In a statement released shortly after the reboot announcement, the original show’s cast members said – DJ Pauly DMike ‘The Situation’ SorrentinoNicole ‘Snooki’ PolizziJenni ‘JWoww’ FarleyVinny GuadagninoDeena Corteseand Angelina Pivarnick – explained their disapproval of the new storyline that went on without them.

At the time, the reality TV vets wrote:

“Like a cast taking a gamble on a network in need, we put our most vulnerable moments on television for the world to see. We have given our all for the past 13 years, have become a family and continue to open our lives to the world. So please understand that we are not in favor of a version that will abuse our original show, our hard work and our authenticity to gain viewers.”

Now the reboot is genixed. But probably just coincidence, right?

However, the original cast is still doing their thing, having successfully moved on to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation† So they really got the last (last?!) laugh at this one!

Comments, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN/MTV]