Nanoleaf introduces limited edition black tiles

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Nanoleaf is celebrating its 10th anniversary by remixing one of its wall lighting products, turning the tiles black.

These black tiles are a limited edition version of the Triangles range of wall lights, available in both starter kits and expansion packs.

Let’s be real. black looks good on Nanoblade.

This is the first time that Nanoleaf offers its wall tiles with a housing that is not white. Of course, you usually have these tiles turned on and display the RGB colors you desire, with black stickers around the light zones (as you can see in the video above). When they are out they are such a beautiful matte black.

Depending on the aesthetics of your room, this may interest you, but it’s probably worth thinking about the logistics of Nanoleaf installations before purchasing. If you prefer darker colors and don’t want your room’s colors to be interrupted by white panels when the Nanoleaf kit is off, these seem perfect for you.

But yes, this is part of Nanoleaf’s 10th anniversary. Happy birthday, Nanoleaf. It’s hard to think of brands that have influenced the modern gaming aesthetic as much as Nanoleaf has with its iconic RGB wall tiles, so cheers to you.

“To be where we are today, 10 years after starting Nanoleaf, is a dream come true,” said Gimmy Chu, Nanoleaf’s CEO and co-founder.

“We started Nanoleaf with the goal of changing the way people experience and use light in their homes. Our products have inspired creativity and play in a way lighting had never done before.”

So, to celebrate, Nanoleaf says, check out our black tiles. You can buy the starter kit online for $369.99 and expansion packs for $129.99.

In addition, as part of its anniversary in August, the brand is hosting a charity livestream for AbleGamers on Twitch.

Keep it up, Nanoleaf.