NATO summit LIVE: ‘Ridiculous’ Stoltenberg stirs up anger over CLIMATE as war rages on | World | News

Furious protests have erupted in the run-up to the NATO summit that begins today in Madrid.

Pockets of unrest have been found in the capital ahead of the summit, which begins today, after thousands took to the streets on Sunday to express their discontent.

Protesters called for the dissolution of NATO and the closure of military bases maintained by the United States in Spain.

Banners with the words “No to NATO, no to war, for peace” were held as they marched through the city.

Concha Hoyos, a retired resident of Madrid, told AlJazeera: “I’m fed up [with] this trade in weapons and the killing of people.

“The solution they propose is more weapons and wars and we always pay for them. So no NATO, no [army] bases, let the Americans go and leave us alone without wars and weapons.”

NATO leaders are set to meet in Madrid to discuss a plan for managing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after they deployed 300,000 troops on a high-level standby Monday in response to the aggression.

It is also expected to consider the bid, which alliance member Turkey is opposing, for Finland and Sweden to join the group.