Netflix’s Best Psychological Thrillers | 2022

If you are a fan of scary movies, you know that there are different types of terror within the general genre of horror movies. The genre is radical; from monsters and slashers to zombies and paranormal activities, the list goes on. Some viewers prefer a certain subsection of horror movies over others, but they all offer the same sense of dread that you might crave. Basically, there are many different creative ways to approach a scary movie or TV show. That said, it’s one thing to make a quick jump, quite another to create a psychological thriller that digs deep into the viewer’s subconscious, often refusing to leave for days on end. These movies stick in our minds long after the movie ends and the movie credits roll, leaving us to rethink that really quiet neighbor who lives next door with curtains—or that casual invitation to a camping trip in the wilderness. If you’re hungry for terrifying horror, Netflix has plenty of psychological thrillers that are sure to scare you. Read on to see our picks and get ready to get spooked like never before.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Haley Lyndes, Corinne Sullivan, Sheneca Sharpe, Emily Cappiello, Kalyn Womack and Charlotte Kho