Netflix’s Cheer star Maddy Brum survives car accident

Maddy Brum, star of the Netflix series cheers is recovering after being hit by a car earlier this week.

The cheerleader shared an Instagram photo of her in a hospital bed, which showed she was hit by a vehicle traveling at about 31 miles per hour while crossing the street on Tuesday.

“I feel extra blessed today. Blessed to be alive and blessed to be surrounded by people who bring me nothing but happiness and comfort,” the 19-year-old wrote.

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Fortunately, she says she was left with only a few cuts and bruises after the accident.

Brum had traveled across the US for the cheers live tour. She wrote that crew members helped her find an orthopedic surgeon to ensure she was healed enough to continue performing.

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“I’ll be doing the tour the best I can for the next few shows. I’m so incredibly grateful that I’m still alive and still getting the chance to do what I love,” she wrote.

Fortunately, Maddy Brum was unharmed after being hit by a car. (Instagram)

Brum missed only one show due to the accident and is already back on the podium with the rest of her team.

cheers is a Netflix documentary series that follows the champion cheerleading team in Texas college Navarro.

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It follows the ups and downs of the team — led by their perfectionist coach Monica Aldama — as they train to win the national cheer title.

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