New and Remarkable: What I Read This Week – Edition 182


Research of the week

Jordanians had domesticated olives at least 7,000 years ago.

Lower may promote healthier gut biomes.

What do we know about the risks of zoonoses and different livestock farming systems? Not enough, not yet.

If you want kids to get enough iodine — and you will, trust me — their intake of fish, meat, eggs, and dairy is the most crucial to getting them right.

Neanderthal genes related to metabolism and immune function persist in some people.

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Primal Health Coach Radio: Barbara Diaz de Leon

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Media, Schmedia

We used to have much more educational pluralism.

The “provocative” argument that eating meat is healthier than avoiding it.

Interesting blog posts

The environmentalist’s argument to have Lake children.

Does drinking water help with weight loss? Not really.

Social Comments

Nice slide on exogenous ketones in wound healing.

I bet she can lift her grandchildren.

All the rest

A Bill Gates-affiliated entity has purchased thousands of acres of farmland in Dakota to produce “more productive seeds.”

You can’t really absorb the protein in fake meat.

Blended oils (some of which are seeds) that achieve the desired fatty acid composition outperform isolated seed oils.

Things I’m working on and interested in

That’s a real shame: Meatless meat finds it hard to get a stable spot on supermarket shelves.

I agree: we need better time-bound nutritional studies.

Interesting study underway: what effect will exogenous ketones have in patients with colon cancer?

I’m going to try this in Florida: Cast Iron Anti-Crocodile Device

Interesting study: WHO examines monkey pox in semen.

Question I ask

Ever drank a liter of kefir in one sitting? I advise it.

Recipe corner

Time Capsule

A year ago (June 18 – June 24)

Response of the week

“Just right that totalitarianism never works for long, it always collapses in the end.”


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