New Leak Points to a Release Date for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

It looks like pre-orders for Marvel’s Midnight Suns are about to go live for an October release date.

That is according to a new leak — which the source claims was obtained through an anonymous online retailer — seemingly supporting previous claims that the game will be released on October 6 and will be available in three flavors: a standard, enhanced, and legendary edition.

The claims may have flown completely under the radar, but the images accompanying the leaker’s tweets — believed to be box art — have all been zapped with a copyright notice from a senior legal officer at Take-Two, leading many to believe they are genuine. to be .

However, the thread content is still there and states that the Enhanced Edition comes with five premium skins, while the Legendary Edition includes 23 premium skins and the four-DLC season pass. The latter also comes with alternate album covers.

If true, the leak also reveals two as-yet-unknown Marvel heroes who will be joining the cast. Until now we were expecting appearances from Blade, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Magik, Nico Minoru and Wolverine, but there were two more heroes in the box art graphics: Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch.

We figured it wouldn’t be long before we had a release date for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as it had recently been age-rated in South Korea.

The age rating – discussed on May 13 and published on Friday, May 14 – suggests the tactical card battle RPG could be coming to PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles earlier than expected, not least because it was also recently rated in Australia, where it received an “adult” rating. Officially, though, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is still scheduled for a “second half of 2022.”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is inspired by the mid-90s comic book series Midnight Sons, which told the story of a group of supernatural superheroes as they battled Lilith, Mother of All Demons.

As Matt handily summed up for us when the gameplay trailer came out, Lilith in Firaxis’s game has been brought to life by Hydra and will stop at nothing to fulfill a prophecy and bring her master back with the full power of her demon army. In response to this infernal threat, the Caretaker chooses to reform the Midnight Sons with a few new heroes in tow – including the Avengers, who decide to become the legendary hero The Hunter, Lilith’s child and the only one known to have killed her before. defeated, to revive. †