New Valorant Map Pearl unveiled; Set Underwater & Inspired by Portuguese Culture


Check out Valorant’s latest map, Pearl.

Riot Games today finally revealed the main content coming next week in Episode 5, Act 1, and it is indeed the new map that was expected. The map, called Pearl, is set in an alternate dimension called Omega Earth, where climate change has engulfed Portugal and the cities are now protected underwater by a geodome. The map was unveiled today with a spectacular trailer showcasing its design.

Unlike many of Valorant’s maps, Pearl doesn’t really have any particular gimmick mechanics, such as teleporters, ziplines, or doors. Level designer Joe Lansford explained in a press release that the development team “wanted to make a card that was a little simplerto Icebox, Breeze and Fracture. This makes Pearl”deceptively simple, strategically speaking.

Art leader Brian Yam further emphasized that “Pearl was inspired by an older underwater theme concept, which was combined with a newer pitch revolving around a major city inundated by climate change.”

As for the codename Pitt, which Twinfinite noted in our previous article, wrapping up what we knew about Pearl’s release ahead of today’s reveal, Joe Lansford explains:

“The dev name for Pearl was “Pitt.” See that underground cylinder thing in the middle? That was basically an open hole, a real pit where players could fall down and die. In a very early iteration, it was in the middle of B-site. We strayed from that direction because it didn’t quite match the map’s goals.

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