news | Sky Sports reveals reasons behind Bayern Munich’s refusal to sign Ronaldo

Sky Sports reveals reasons behind Bayern Munich’s refusal to sign Ronaldo

1 hour ago

League Plus _ Press releases revealed the reasons behind Bayern Munich’s refusal to sign Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo in the current summer transfer season.

And there was recently news of Bayern Munich’s desire to enlist the services of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, following his decision to leave Manchester United.

And yesterday press releases came out that Bayern Munich are looking to sign Ronaldo to compensate for the occupied departure of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski this summer, which was denied by the German squad’s sporting director.

And according to Sky Sports in its German version, there are four reasons why Bayern Munich ignored the idea of ​​signing Ronaldo.

“Sky” said the main reason Bayern did not sign Ronaldo was his high salary, which contradicts the salary cap at the German club.

She explained that the player receives €30 million a year, an amount that could have caused problems within the team, due to the desire of some players to increase their salaries, notably Serge Gnabry.

The age factor is also one of the main reasons as Ronaldo is 37 years old and Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann is 34 years old, which could threaten the stability of the atmosphere in the dressing room.

Finally came the technical reason, Nagelsmann and the club management preferred to attract a player who can press the opponent and run long distances, which is not appropriate at the moment with Ronaldo’s age.

She explained that the first reason is Bayern Munich’s desire to maintain a healthy wage structure within the team, knowing that Ronaldo earns €30 million net.

Finally, Bayern Munich sees that it needs a young squad, healthy relationships in the dressing room, with a coach who is not old.