Nominations of Walsh, Roos and Archer in North Melbourne called into question


AFL journalist Damian Barrett has questioned some off-field appointments in North Melbourne following Geoff Walsh’s return to Arden Street.

Walsh is back with the Kangaroos in a short-term advisory role in the club’s football division, marking his third stint with the Roos.

SEN’s Sam Edmund reported on Saturday that Walsh’s arrival caught North Melbourne’s CEO Ben Amarfio by surprise.

Walsh, a former CEO of the Roos who attended their premiership in 1996 and 1999, will team up with senior coach David Noble and football bosses Daniel McPherson and Brady Rawlings.

Talk about The sounding board podcast, Barrett also focused on Paul Roos’s advisory role and Glenn Archer’s stint as club director.

See Barrett and Craig Hutchison’s discussion of North Melbourne below:

Hutchison: “Is this a good move?”

Barrett: “No, not with Geoff.

“There are a few other footy people I would have thought would have been a better option than Geoff.”

Hutchison“Why do you say that? He went to Carlton last year and helped with their assessment and that seems to have worked well.

Barrett: “He was also with Collingwood at a time when their own salary cap was blown, and they had to move to key players.

He left North Melbourne twice – once as CEO and once as footy operations boss – to go twice to the greener pastures of Collingwood and now people at the club have decided to bring him back to tell them what to do. know to solve itself..

“If this was a football club in Richmond in 2008 or 2009, I’d say the same thing. If there was an equivalent… enter the club name here.”

Hutchison: “Do you think it will cause problems for the coach?”

Barrett: “Yes. But again, why couldn’t the board make that decision themselves? Why couldn’t even other people at the club make that decision? Why do they need Geoff Walsh to tell them they’re broken, and they have no idea have what they do?That’s about where it stands now.

“They already pay Paul Roos as a consultant, all the way from the United States.

“Perhaps the new consultant Geoff Walsh can first and foremost review the advisory role Paul Roos has had.

‘Cause if he’s done anything, it’s not clear, on any positive note.

“There are still a few people at the football club who were there when Geoff was there last time.”

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Hutchison: “Is it a case of the old army? At what point is this team going to become progressive?”

Barrett: “Anthony Stevens just replaced Glenn Archer, who blew up the club and then walked away.”

Hutchison: “It’s unnecessary language ‘blew up the club’.”

Barrett: “The decisions are blown.”

Hutchison: “Glenn is all heart. He’s done everything he can… you can’t argue with his motives. He’s been fantastic.”

Barrett: “You might have wanted him to keep following the journey in the decisions he made, didn’t you? Is that fair?”

Hutchison“He probably got to a point where he realized he’d made one or two bad ones.”

Barrett: “One or two?”

Hutchison: “It is not easy.”

Barrett: “Nobody asked him to do it. No one asked him to lead the way. Remember that he himself has left and come back a few times.

“Nobody said, ‘Hey Glenn, come fix us up’.

“They went there for a while. Ok, and OK is relative, I get that.”