Novak Djokovic’s Anti-Vaxx Convictions Keep Him Out of US Open

This crazy guy.

This crazy guy.
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Self-sabotage can be deadly like an unexpected drop shot.

After winning his 21st Grand Slam at Wimbledon – his seventh at the All England Club – on Sunday, no one knows when Novak Djokovic will return to tennis as he will not be able to maintain the momentum of his recent win to New York City. to use for the US Open.


Because Novak Djokovic has been his own biggest opponent lately.

After showing us all how hypocritical he was then he called out Naomi Osaka for not following the rulesand then turned around and was at the center of controversy at the Australian Open over his vaccination status and visa issues that kept him from competing Down Under, Djokovic went on to play at Wimbledon again, but will likely be next month’s US Open for second miss consecutively because of being an anti-vaxxer.

“The only good news I can have is that they are removing the mandatory green vaccination card… to enter the United States,” Djokovic said Sunday. “Or exemption.” According to ABC news, he told the BBC in February that “based on all the information I was given, I decided not to take the vaccine.” He also reiterated that he does not intend to be vaccinated.

If one of the greatest tennis players of all time wants to be a roadblock in his own career, that’s his right. But what we’re not going to do is make it look like he’s a brave icon for personal and civil rights, as some people try to do.

James Melville, a communications and sponsorship consultant, freelance writer and expert — according to his Twitter bio — took to the app this week in an effort to make it look like Djokovic has somehow become a human rights face.

Social media has rightly roasted him.

“Two sporting icons. Two different eras. But there is one big similarity between Muhammad Ali and Novak Djokovic. They stuck to their principles even when the world tried to shut them down. They both transcended the sport with their bravery when they were under fire,” he wrote stupidly, as if Djokovic has not been able to play or is facing jail time. But what’s even funnier is that Melville is too stupid to realize that Ali was pro-vaccines and used to be. promos for them.

Muhammad Ali ‘No Shots, No School’ Vaccine Mandate PSA for New York City Department of Health | 1978

caEvery time an athlete takes a stand, some idiot tries to compare him to Ali somewhere, when there hasn’t been an athlete since Ali who had to process as much as he did and then be able to overcome everything and come back. return to be a champion. We’ve even seen people try it with Colin Kaepernick over the years, not realizing that Kaepernick’s ban from his sport is still ongoing as he’s been out of the NFL since 2016 for simply asking the police to to stop killing Black people.

One day, when Djokovic is older, he will be alone with his thoughts, wondering how many more majors he could have won if he had been vaccinated. When you’re this good at your sport, what drives you is the competitive drive to get better and win more. So if Djokovic wants to add more hardware to his trophy case, he should look to the NBA as one reason why getting the picture could enhance his storied career even more. Bradley Beal and Andrew Wiggins were once anti-vaxxers, but they eventually got smarter. Beal just signed a $251 million contract to stay with the Washington Wizards, and Wiggins just had the best season of his basketball life and was named All-Star Game starter and won his first championship with the Golden State Warriors. And to reinforce this argument, over the past week the Kansas City Royals lost 10 players as anti-vaxxers couldn’t travel to Toronto to play the Blue Jays.

And then there’s Kyrie Irving. Like Djokovic, he is a legendary talent who is also an anti-vaxxer. And because he refused to take the picture, his team’s season was destroyed and his franchise is in the current disarray, and he has lost millions and could lose even more. Don’t be like Kyrie Irving or the Kansas City Royals, Novak Djokovic. Be like Andrew Wiggins.