Officially.. the first glimmer of hope to get Barcelona out of the severe economic crisis

Barcelona has no intention of wasting any more time to get out of the difficult economic situation it is currently going through and is preventing it from registering its new players and signing or renewing contracts.

Therefore, Barcelona officially announced the completion of the first “economic lever” of that plan to free the Catalan club from the economic crisis it is experiencing.

These cranes are intended to enable Barcelona to adequately support the team in the summer Mercato after a disastrous season in which the team failed to score any trophies.

This leverage was represented in Barcelona which sold 10% of the rights to broadcast its matches in the Spanish League to the investment fund “Sixth Street”, according to what the club announced in an official statement.

This process is likely to bring the club, led by Joan Laporta, around €267 million for next season.

According to the statement, the Sixth Street Fund will acquire 10% of the TV rights to the team’s La Liga games for a period of 25 years.

This value will amplify the negative outcome of Barcelona’s budget, which registers an accumulation of 144 million euros, which Barcelona wants to reduce in every way by selling a number of players with high salaries, especially those who are not considered a priority for coach Xavi Hernandez.

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