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Hello all!

It’s been a bit thirsty here at ONTD for the past few weeks. To beloved mod & ONTD Partner ™️ . to quote

Since it’s the traditional weekend (for those of you who it’s Sunday and you observe Christianity, oops), I thought now was the time. So, to celebrate those who may miss the Peak Comedy, that some of the posts HAVE CHANGED lately, the new embed feature and to educate the young – ONTD, what’s your favorite thirst comment? New, old, old? Let us know.

Also to quote well-known fiction author K. Kardashian DON’T BE F—— rude. This post is all for fun, for nostalgia, for entertaining AND NOT TO GET OUR THIRSTY USERS.

yes i am looking for the comment for this (lmk if i need to make a picture)