Overwatch’s latest skin requires you to donate subs to Twitch streamers like xQc


overwatch gets a new Legendary skin that players can unlock, but you can’t get your hands on Medic Brigitte by completing in-game challenges or getting lucky with a loot box. Instead, you’ll need to gift three subscriptions to certain Twitch streamers.

There’s a lot here to keep in mind if you’re interested in bragging the skin, which will transition into Overwatch 2† Only certain streamers are eligible. The campaign will run from June 29 at 2pm ET to July 20 at 2pm ET. If you gift a subscription outside those times or when a streamer is not live with the category set to overwatchit doesn’t count for the skin.

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Subscriptions of any level work. After you’ve given three subscriptions to an eligible streamer, you’ll receive a code in your notification inbox. You can redeem that through your account settings.

There are over 150 eligible streamers, including big names like xQc and Disguid Toast. A number of current and former Overwatch League players, hosts, and casters are also eligible. I recommend supporting and gifting subs to smaller streamers, such as OWgrandma, Bus, and Merciful.

You can find the full list of eligible streamers at overwatch blog post. More details about the rules are also available there.

Players in a number of regions can participate: North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Mind you, China is not mentioned.

As a colleague noted, it seems that Medic Brigitte is based on starcraft‘s Medic Department. Until now it was not very common for a overwatch skin to require an additional payment, at least outside the Overwatch League fits and the charity Pink Mercy skin. This is a bit of a bellwether before Overwatch 2 launches on October 4It is free to play and has a premium battle pass and paid cosmetics.

Speaking of Overwatch 2, the second PVP beta starts tomorrow. It will be a big change for DPS heroes compared to the first beta and a “partial competitive ruleset”. Xbox and PlayStation players can also participate this time. New hero Junker Queen will also be playable for the first time.

You can still sign up to request beta access. If you want to play as soon as the beta goes live (around 2pm ET), you can get guaranteed, instant access if you buy the $40 Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack, which includes some other goodies:

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