Paddy Pimblett promises an “iconic” performance at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett returns to action at the next UFC London on July 23. It is the second card to be held at the O2 Arena since the beginning of 2022, and much of it has to do with the excitement and interest that Pimblett has sparked.

Pimblett’s last fight was a first round submission of Rodrigo Vargas. This time he faces Jordan Leavitt and “The Baddy” promises a knockout in addition to entertainment across the board. In a new promotional video released by UFC Europe, Pimblett said:

“You can expect the same from me as always. I am the most entertaining fight on the map. I come to fight, I put on a show for everyone, everyone knows that. Whether we fight, whether it is the entrance, people come to this show to watch me, to really see yours. Simple as. I’m going to easily surpass that this time. Last time was special, but this time it’s going to be iconic. It’s going to be next level s***.”

Paddy Pimblett is 18-3 (2-0 UFC) and has a four-fight win streak, all through the finish line. Jordan Leavitt is 10-1 (3-1 UFC) and has two wins. Six of Leavitt’s wins have come via submission, so Pimblett will have to watch out on the ground, which may be why the Liverpool native is focusing on a knockout win this time around.

The entry might land Jordan Leavitt a UFC contract, but hitting the splits and doing the worm earned him legend status #DWCS

Paddy Pimblett Signed New UFC Contract, Now Earning “A lot of Money”

It was a real question whether Paddy would fight Pimblett at the second UFC London of the year. When the card filled up, Pimblett refused to commit and suggested it was up to his management and the UFC to work something out.

Many suspected a new contract had to be worked out as Pimblett revealed he made only $12,000 to show and $12,000 to win in his last fight. Sure, he also earned a $50,000 performance bonus, but for a marquee like Paddy ‘The Baddy’, that’s still not enough money.

Thankfully, Paddy Pimblett became a late addition to the UFC London lineup. Not coincidentally, his manager Graham Boylan revealed shortly afterwards that Pimblett had been given a new UFC contract with a significant raise. He told Mirror Fighting:

“Everyone goes into the UFC with a standard contract. No matter what you do, you have to prove yourself. I can now categorically tell you that contract is up, that’s gone – he’s on the big bucks now. It is what it is, but I’m just happy for him.”

So now everyone gets what they want. The UFC gets its next potential superstar at its big show in London, British fans get to cheer for their man Paddy Pimblett, and Pimblett now earns enough per fight to take on more challenges.

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