Pakistan could face internet shutdown due to massive power crisis

Pakistani telecom operators warned on Thursday to shut down internet services. (representative)


Amid power outages in Pakistan, telecom operators warned on Thursday to shut down their mobile and internet services.

On Twitter, the National Information Technology Board (NIBT) said: “Telecom operators in Pakistan have warned of the shutdown of mobile and internet services due to prolonged power outages across the country as the interruption causes problems and disruption to their operations.”

Meanwhile, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif warned the country on Monday that they could face increased taxes in the coming July, Geo News reported.

He said Pakistan could not get the required supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG), but the coalition government was trying to make the deal possible.

Pakistan’s monthly fuel oil imports are set to hit a four-year high in June, data from Refinitiv shows, as the country struggles to buy LNG for power generation amid a heat wave that boosts demand, Geo News reported.

Pakistan faces an escalation of its power crisis after it failed to agree a deal to supply natural gas next month. The July tenders were scrapped due to the high price and low participation as the country is already taking action to address widespread blackouts.

The Pakistani government is trying to encourage energy conservation, has cut working hours for civil servants and has ordered shopping centers and factories to close early in several cities, including Karachi.

Pakistan already has two long-term supply agreements with Qatar – the first signed in 2016 for five shipments per month and the second in 2021 under which Pakistan currently receives three monthly shipments – but the nation is currently under a huge grip of widespread power outages as the Purchasing the refrigerated fuel remains unreliable and expensive due to the increased dependence on LNG for electricity generation.

Pakistan’s Petroleum Minister Musadik Malik, who was in Doha early this week for talks with the Qatari Secretary of State for Energy and Qatari energy chief Saad al-Kaabi, had confirmed the talks but said the government had announced several “innovative” pricing and was investigating delivery strategies. in broad conversations.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said the government was also talking with Qatar about a new five- or 10-year LNG supply agreement for quarterly loads, as well as an additional cargo under an existing agreement.

The rapid depletion of foreign exchange reserves was the result of Pakistan’s double deficit inflation and lack of foreign exchange inflows. Inflation in Pakistan reached double digits in July, the largest increase in nearly six years.

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