Patrick Somers Leaks Alleged DMs From Lisa Rinna About Kathy

Patrick Somers leaks alleged DMs of Lisa Rinna, claims they teamed up with Kathy Hilton to push storyline for RHOBH season 13 as Rinna responds


The man accused of being paid $27,000 Kathy Hilton to harass and spread negative stories about Lisa Chest now claims he actually teamed up with Lisa in an effort to secure her storyline for the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In a series of new Instagram posts, which have since been deleted, Patrick Somers leaked a string of DMs exchanged with Lisa last month, while also sharing a video accusing her of collaborating with him on an apparent smear campaign against Kathy. .

“Lmao this is my speeding to Alfred’s music.. Thank you so much,” Patrick wrote in a DM to Lisa.

“This is what it’s about [it’s] going to be so good!!!!” Lisa replied on May 29.

Then after Patrick said “Haha I’ll make a post” [right now] … have you toasted a little [to be honest]’, seemingly suggesting he was up to something, Lisa responded with a kissing emoji.

RHOBH Patrick Somers Leaks Lisa Rinna's DMs

In addition to the leaked DMs, Patrick shared a video statement with his followers.

“It’s gotten really personal now because she’s sent thousands, you know, it’s kind of like she’s left me. We were both on a yacht together. She threw me off, into a life raft, then drove off. But what I want people to know is that what you were told was all made in hopes of pushing her storyline for next season,” Patrick explained.

“It’s not true,” he continued. “Kathy Hilton had no involvement whatsoever. It was strictly me and Lisa together who came up with this plan. It just went south really fast and so did our friendship. We are no longer friends.”

A short while after Patrick shared his posts, Lisa took to her Instagram story, where she denied that the leaked DMs were hers.

“Okay, Bravo detectives find out who this Patrick is – (he’s allegedly fake) and who hired him to divert attention from the DMs of mine that came out – for the record, it wasn’t me – I know not this man, it’s all lies and I want this to be revealed please!’ she wrote: “You are the best detectives out there. So do your due diligence!!! Time to clear my name of this [bullsh-t]†

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Denies Leaked DMs Were Her

Following the request, Lisa received a number of messages from her followers, one of which suggested that Patrick was a “total enigma.”

“I was [a] fraud investigator for 16 years and i’ll tell you it smells like a fake name paid actor situation. Or he did this to boost his resume. That said, all his socials lead to dead ends, he doesn’t exist to a point. I’ve tried everything in the past week to get clarity about him, but nothing concrete,” the first message read.

Then, in a second post, which was shared by Bravo Snark side on Instagram after Lisa deleted the post, another follower pointed out that Patrick appeared to be from Salt Lake City and said all of his social posts about the situation are contradictory.

“He made up a fake IG of his sister apparently to try and stop people from talking to his real sister’s IG, but I also found the real IG for her. I have screenshots of everything… I did a total deep dive on Friday,” the person had written.

And while one person suggested that the report was false, Bravo Snark side said they saw the bills.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Suggests Patrick Somers Doesn't Exist

Amid the drama, Lisa and Kathy came face to face this weekend as they took to the stage with their RHOBH castmates at the MTV Movie and TV Awards (around this time, Lisa shared messages suggesting Patrick was hired by Kathy).

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 kicks off Wednesday at 8/7c on Bravo.