Pereira stirs controversy over his future at Al Hilal

The Brazilian Matthews Pereira, playmaker and star of Saudi Al Hilal, brought up the controversy among Al Hilal fans over his departure from the team on Saturday night after “deleting” all the photos from his official account on “Instagram”. belonging to Al-Azraq, whether he wears the shirt or celebrates the titles and tournaments with his colleagues.
So far, Matthews Pereira has not provided an official explanation for his removal of Al Hilal images from his “Instagram” account, which some have taken as indicative of his departure from the team over the summer period.
Pereira’s behavior is not the only thing that has sparked controversy on Hilal Street, but was preceded by Brazilian star Michael, when he spoke in media statements on Monday about the difficult days he experienced, following his arrival in Al Hilal, and his future and fate are as yet undetermined.
It is noteworthy that Al Hilal’s position has been complicated this summer, as he has been prevented from registering new players, following the penalties issued by the Dispute Settlement Chamber in the case of Mohamed Kno.