Perth residents urge firefighters to stay indoors as firefighters work to contain dangerous fire in Inglewood

Residents and motorists in Perth’s northern suburbs are warned to stay indoors as firefighters work to extinguish a dangerous fire.

People in Inglewood are urged to stay inside their homes with doors and windows closed following the fire on Walter Road West in the city of Stirling, just after 8pm on Tuesday.

The warning also applies to parts of the ECU Mt Lawley Campus, Central Avenue, Hamer Parade, Dundas Road, Alexander Drive and Homer Street.

The fire creates potentially dangerous smoke in the area.

Emergency WA also warned people to turn off air conditioners and stay away from the area while the warning is in effect.

Firefighters are on site in collaboration with the Pollution Control Unit of the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Roads are not closed, but motorists are advised to avoid the area, reduce speed and keep an eye on the emergency services on site.

People already in the area should seek advice from emergency services.

Anyone with medical concerns should contact their local doctor or call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.