Philips Ambilight Android TV range now available in Australia

A select number of Philips Ambilight LED and OLED TVs are now available in Australia and they all run on Android TV.

Ambilight’s dynamic light show immerses your room in warm, immersive light. Intelligent LEDs behind the edges of the screen throw colors on the screen onto the wall in real time.

I get the appeal of this because a few years ago I taped a Philips smart LED light strip around the back edges of my TV so it can be set to a glowing color of your choice while my family is watching TV.

The difference with Amblight is that the LEDs are built into the back edges of the TV and integrated into the playback, so they change instantly to complement whatever you’re watching or listening to on the TV.

Philips Ambilight TVs sold in Australia are manufactured by TP Vision Europe BV (TP Vision), a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam. TP Vision is wholly owned by China-based TPV Technology Limited (TPV), the world’s largest manufacturer of monitor and TV screens (combined). You may have heard of one of their brands AOC.

Using the very latest Philips technology and intelligent LEDs implemented behind the edges of the TV screen, Ambilight casts the colors on the screen onto the wall in real time and emits colorful light from two, three or all four the sides of the TV screen, automatically synchronized with the content display.

So whether you’re watching sports, movies, music or games, Ambilight technology delivers a mesmerizing, captivating and memorable viewing experience.

The post-pandemic era has led to a spike in Australia’s digital consumption. According to Deloitte’s consumer trend survey, spending on Smart TV alone has increased by 64 percent since 2020.

Ambilight has several settings, including Follow Video and Music mode. The Follow Light mode is potentially even more immersive in that you can change other Phlips Hue lights in a room to create an experiential light show in the room.

The Ambisleep function helps you get a good night’s sleep. Viewers can turn off the screen while exiting Ambilight to stimulate a fading sunset with a choice of duration, brightness and color palette, accompanied by a range of relaxing nature sounds. The additional ‘Sunrise Alarm’ element reverses this process, with the Ambilight gradually increasing an artificial sunrise at your chosen alarm time.

The soothing images can be accompanied by a selection of music at your volume level, and a screen transition showing the weather forecast for the day ahead. The ‘Sunrise Alarm’ feature has up to five sound options that can be programmed to your preference.

You can find the Philips 8265 series, 7906 series and OLED805 series in Harvey Norman online and in store, with more Ambilight models coming to Australia soon. Visit the Philips Ambilight TV website for more information.