Police taser woman allegedly carrying a knife in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall

A woman was tasered after allegedly being seen with a knife in Rundle Mall.

Rundle Mall security personnel approached the woman, who was acting disorderly this morning, before the 36-year-old reportedly pulled a knife and threatened them.

Security followed the woman and contacted police around 11:30 a.m.

A video taken by stunned onlookers showed three police officers from the Security Response Section arriving outside Rundle Mall Place, two with guns drawn.

The woman got excited, screamed and gestured wildly.

As she began to approach the officers, one of them tasered the woman, who immediately fell to the ground and convulsed.

“Roll to your stomach. Stand up. Don’t move. Stretch out your arms,” ​​an officer yelled.

Police said the Blackwood woman was in possession of a box cutter and two scissors.

She has been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for examination and police said she will likely be charged with carrying an offensive weapon and assault on her release.

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