Power’s treatment of concussion controversy ticked off as Hinkley hits back at critics

The AFL has reportedly ticked Port Adelaide’s concussion treatment protocols following a controversial incident during their Thursday night loss to Richmond.

According to SENs Sam Edmund, the league is pleased that Power and Club Doctor Mark Fisher has adhered to the code’s guidelines after captain Tom Jonas and Zak Butters quickly returned to the field after a nasty head-on collision.

Edmund reports that the AFL has responded to his question with a statement.

“The Chief Medical Officer has reviewed the HawkEye view of last night’s clash between Port Adelaide players Jonas and Butters. He also assessed the players’ management at the time, including the sideline assessment and HawkEye assessment by the club doctors,” the statement read.

“Ultimately, there was no clinical indication of a concussion to warrant further investigation and testing, so the club doctors returned both players to the field.”

The news comes after Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley fired back at critics of the club’s medical staff after the game.

Club captain Jonas and young talent Butters both bled from the face after a collision, but both returned to the field within seven minutes of the incident, sparking controversy. The standard AFL concussion test lasts 15 minutes, which would have banned them from the rest of the game.

However, speaking after the game, Hinkley vigorously defended the call from veteran club doctor Mark Fisher to unlock Jonas and Butters.

“I understand there would be talk around the collision, but people are getting cuts in football games and they don’t get concussions,” the coach said.

“I have a doctor who has been with our football club for 25 years, and the conversation between our doctor and our football manager during the match was that these guys have no problem with concussions.

“If anyone has a challenge in that and they feel more qualified than Mark Fisher, who has been an AFL doctor for 25 years, feel free.

“But I think you want to be very, very sure you’re not trying to referee or try to call anything from outside the perimeter if you’re not knowledgeable. We have a very experienced doctor who has the utmost respect in the AFL.”

However, the Power has previously been fined for failing to comply with the league’s concussion rules, with the club docking $20,000 in 2016 after the club failed to notify the AFL exchange official that Hamish Hartlett was being taken for a head injury assessment.

Hartlett would pass the first SCAT3 test and return to the field after just five minutes, with the league saying at the time that he should have waited the 15-minute period to allow Fisher access to the incident in which Hartlett was killed. knocked .

Hinkley said that after speaking with both Jonas and Butters, he is confident that both have avoided concussions.

“I spoke to both guys in the rooms right after the game, they didn’t lie down or pass out and they didn’t do anything crazy,” he said.

“They spoke to me very clearly, ‘I’m getting a big black eye, but I’m pretty good. Everything is okay’.

“They are also tough players, we must not forget that, how tough, because that is a bull’s eye. Those who don’t find the game tough, that’s a bull’s eye.”

Zak Butters of the Power is seen bleeding from the face.

Zak Butters of the Power is seen bleeding from the face. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Goodwin: Restaurant fight ‘will not define Dees’

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin hopes the club can move forward with the much-discussed fight between Steven May and Jake Melksham as the Demons prepare for Collingwood in the annual Queen’s Birthday clash.

May was given a one-game suspension from a club for his role in the fight, amid allegations that he taunted teammates for missing the 2021 grand final. Melksham had to have surgery on his hand during the week.

Speaking on Friday morning, Goodwin admitted the week had been “disappointing” but expressed hope that the incident would “excite” the squad.

“I think Max [Gawn] summed it up really well by saying it was embarrassing for everyone else involved in our football club,” Goodwin said.

“We’ve worked really hard to build what we’ve built internally, and it shows clearly externally on the pitch.

“But as I’ve said to the players, culture is never perfect and these things always come up; it’s what you do about it, how you react to it, how you learn from them…and that’s what we’ve done internally as a playgroup.

“It was a great opportunity to internally reset ourselves as a playgroup about what we really want to stand for and what we want to stand for all the time, and use this as a lesson to get better.

“Culture is never complete, it is never finished, it is always in progress and you have to cherish it. You have to keep reminding yourself of what’s important.

Steven May

Steven May (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

“That’s the thing with culture, there will be mistakes and people will have behaviors that you don’t want to tolerate and you’re going to have to deal with them. And we have, we have dealt with it, we have handed out the sanctions and we will move forward and learn from it.

“But in terms of the incident, it doesn’t mean that our playgroup doesn’t love and care for each other. I have four brothers and I’ve fought with all of them, that doesn’t mean I don’t love them and don’t take care of them.

“We do not tolerate any violence, but this will not define our playgroup. They are united, committed to the cause, they know they made a mistake, and we will learn from and get better and move forward.

“Hopefully over time people will see that this is a really energizing time for us, where we’ve come together as one and continue down that path to what we want to achieve.”

Goodwin also defended May, describing him as a “quality person” and rejecting suggestions that the club should impose an alcohol ban on the temperamental star.

“He has done a lot for himself personally over a long period of time. We are really proud of how far he has come as a person and he is a quality person,” Goodwin said.

“He made a mistake and he will continue to work on himself… but he has a lot of confidence and respect within our playing group.

“He plays the game in a way. He has worked very hard with our younger players to develop them. He has a great reputation within our playing group and he will continue to do so.

“He knows he has led them down and he has broken some trust within the playgroup and he will work hard to rebuild that. But if he knows Steven’s character, he’ll do it the right way.”

‘Keep doing it, champ’: Former bully backs Ginnivan as coach reveals private chat

Former Fremantle serial bully Hayden Ballantyne has urged Jack Ginnivan to “keep hunting” rival players and fans, as Collingwood coach Craig McRae admitted to “private conversations” with his young star about his behaviour.

Ginnivan has quickly become one of the most polarizing figures in the league, with the 19-year-old penchant for winning free kicks making him a target for the media and opposition fans alike.

However, in conversation with 10 News PerthBallantyne, no stranger to controversy during an award-winning career of 171 games at Fremantle, revealed that he had reached out to Ginnivan to encourage the Magpie to continue.

“Double down and go hard,” Ballantyne said.

“If it helps him five to ten percent and helps the team win games, it doesn’t affect anyone, he scores goals, he plays good football and he pisses a lot of people off and he does his job, I think I’m going for it.” go..

“Keep doing your champion and don’t worry about the haters and keep going. The boy can play seriously and I just hope he continues to support it with his football and not affect his game by outside noises.”

McRae did reveal on Thursday that he has had conversations with Ginnivan about ‘the player he wants to be’.

“I’ve had some private conversations with Jack… I won’t add anything further, but we want to have the backbone of all the players,” he said.

“I told the whole group I’m behind you as long as you play for the team and do the right things for us and it was a similar message in that sense.”