Princess Diana’s ‘defiant’ joke to a radio host who ‘would make everyone blush’ | Royal | News


Graham, who now regularly hosts a show on Boom Radio, has revealed a number of anecdotes to mark what would have been Diana’s 61st birthday on July 1. The enviable story brings together the late Princess of Wales, some of the biggest names in royalty and, hilariously, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Graham revealed: “I had met Diana a few times before when this happened.

“It was after the Prince’s Trust concert at Wembley in 1988, there was a reception for all involved at the Hilton hotel in Kensington.

“Every major pop star was there at the time – Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Rick Astley, the Bee Gees.

“I arrived and the event organizer Peter Smith came up to me and pulled me through the hotel and said ‘where have you been, she’s been waiting for you, she’s asking about you’.

‘I said ‘who’ and he replied ‘the princess!’

“He led me to a conference room. He opened the door and there she was – waiting for me! Wow. And she turned to me and said, “Graham, I want to tell you a joke.”

‘And then she told me this very spicy joke about Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

“It was a very rude joke and it’s better if I don’t say it – everyone would blush! Let’s just say Princess Diana had a very, very cheeky sense of humor.”

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“On arrival at Wetherby School in West London, William ran to his classroom, while Harry immediately began to tell the headmistress the new joke.

“Too late, Diana – who had turned red with embarrassment – managed to avoid hitting the punch line.”