PSA: PS Plus Extra, Premium games removed from the service are not yours forever

Psplus Alt Bg8
Image: Push Square

We recently reported on some games in PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium who will soon be leaving the service. This caused a bit of confusion, as many believed that the huge libraries of games in the new tiers would be accessible forever as long as you stay subscribed and download them to your PS5 or PS4. To be clear, that’s not the case.

If a game is removed from PS Plus Extra or Premium, it will no longer be available to play, even if you have claimed it.

Sony confirmed this detail in its PS Blog guide to the new PS Plus, making the following statement: “As with PlayStation Now, if the content is no longer offered on PlayStation Plus, you will not be able to access the titles once they leave. the service”.

As it says, PS Now worked on the same basis. After a game was pulled from the service, it became inaccessible even to those who streamed or downloaded it. It’s exactly the same for PS Plus Extra and Premium.

However, PS Plus Essentials monthly games, as well as titles in the PS Plus collection, will remain accessible when they end the service, as long as you’ve added them to your library.

If you’re still not sure how things are going, we recommend checking out our list of All PS Plus games† This page has all the information you need about each game at all levels, including when they join and if any upcoming due dates† There is also more info about All three PS Plus levels explained through the link.