Putin ‘gets angrier by the moment’ as Russia threatens to destroy UK in missile strike | World | News

The Russian president was labeled a “crazy” by former Conservative MP David Mellor. Mr Mellor, who served as Chief Secretary of the Treasury under former Prime Minister John Major, suggested that Vladimir Putin had been corrupted by his own desire for “absolute power”. His analysis comes as the Kremlin has again threatened nuclear strikes against Ukraine’s international allies, including the UK and other European countries. There is heightened fear among military analysts as President Putin’s war in Ukraine continues and Moscow’s threats of aggression against global nations intensify.

Speaking on GB News. Mellor said: “Putin is a different story.

“I think he’s a really crazy man and getting angrier by the minute.

“Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

“If you ever want a good example of that, step forward Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

The former politician suggested that President Putin’s mental health had deteriorated rapidly as the Kremlin leader sought to expand his power by taking Ukraine.

Mellor also claimed that the Russian president’s renewed focus on nuclear threats could be linked to reports of Putin’s physical health deteriorating.

He said, “If he really dies from various diseases queuing up to get him, would he take the rest of us with him?”

As Mr Mellor has explained, the only real defense against a nuclear attack from Russia is the promise of mutually assured destruction, meaning the UK would launch a nuclear counter-attack on Moscow.

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In the event of a nuclear launch, the defense of mutually assured destruction would effectively wipe out civilization as we know it, resulting in devastating loss on a global scale.

Mellor suggested that President Putin’s bold discussion of nuclear weapons is a signal of the Russian leader’s ill health as he acts without regard for his own well-being.

Analysts have suggested that Vladimir Putin could be suffering from some form of terminal health condition, evidenced by several symptoms observed during his recent public appearances.

President Putin appeared pale and unbalanced, even limping during some official events, fueling rumors that his physical health is not as strong as the Kremlin suggests.

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