Putin’s confidence has plummeted to its lowest level in 20 years worldwide, study shows

In the US, only 6% of those polled said they trusted Russian President Vladimir Putin to do the right thing on the world stage.

  • A Pew Research Center survey found that Putin’s approval ratings have fallen to record lows.
  • A median of 90% of people in 18 countries expressed little to no confidence in Putin.
  • Only one country had a majority of respondents agreeing with how Putin handles global affairs.
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New research published on Wednesday shows that a median of 90% of people in 18 countries said they have little confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin would “do the right thing” in global affairs.

From February to May, the Pew Research Center polled opinions about Russia, NATO and Putin among 23,484 adults in countries with advanced economies such as the US, Canada, Spain, Israel, Japan and Australia.

The survey found that across all 18 countries, a median of 78% said they had no confidence whatsoever in Putin’s approach to global affairs in a responsible manner.

“Over the past two decades, ratings for Putin have been on a downward trend in many countries,” the researchers wrote. “But in 2022, these numbers hit a record low in any country where trends are available, with double-digit declines in most since the last survey year.”

Malaysia was the only country to go against the trend, with 59% of respondents expressing at least some or a lot of confidence in Putin.

In the US, only 6% said they trusted the Russian leader to do the right thing on the world stage.

In Europe, Greece was the country most positive towards Putin, with 27% of respondents approving his actions on the global stage.

While the survey didn’t ask interviewees about the war in Ukraine, Pew said most of the interviews were conducted after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24. The findings show how the war shaped public opinion, the researchers said.

Pew noted that Europeans who support their country’s right-wing populist parties tend to favor Putin more than their counterparts. However, trust in him has still declined drastically among these groups since last year.

By comparison, Pew’s 2021 survey of the Russian leader found that a median of 74% of people in 17 countries stated they did not have much faith in Putin in tackling global problems.

The latest Pew numbers also mean Putin is now rated lower globally than President Xi Jinping of China, who has an 18% confidence rating among people from the same 18 countries.

Singapore and Malaysia, the only two Southeast Asian countries in the survey, gave Xi a confidence score of 69% and 62%, respectively.