Queensland mother talks about giving birth to triplets while in coma

A Queensland Mother who gave birth to her triplets in a coma has described the ordeal and thanks the nurses and doctors who saved her life and her babies.

Mother Leonie Fitzgerald contracted the rare but extremely dangerous pregnancy condition eclampsia when she had a seizure at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

Her children, Liliana, Isabella and Charlotte, were born while she was in an artificial coma.

Fitzgerald had eclampsia that caused a seizure before birth, endangering her life and the triplets. (Nine)

“Luckily I was at Mater hospital. I had to have a cesarean section the next day,” Fitzgerald said.

The mother was in a coma for 16 hours as doctors worked to save her.

Her partner, Peter Fitzgerald, said the wait was excruciating as the father thought he might lose his new family in one sitting.

“Leonie just goes, ‘something isn’t right,’” he said of the incident.

“Your mind is just playing ideas, ‘okay, I could do all this on my own’.

“Maybe I’ve lost all four.”

Peter Fitzgerald feared he would lose his wife and babies at the same time. (Nine)

Leonie Fitzgerald said Mater Hospital staff helped their family through the difficult birth and its aftermath.

“We spent five weeks in the NICU and they were just amazing with the girls,” she said.

Two years later, she calls her children, conceived through IVF, miracle babies.

“It took us almost seven years to get pregnant,” Fitzgerald said.

During Maters Day of Giving tomorrow, every donation from the public will be tripled by corporate donors, with funds contributing to helping other patients.

The director of the Mater Foundation said donations played a big role in patient care and supporting new research.

“It’s about improving our equipment, improving research and educating clinicians,” he said.

Fitzgerald said she is forever indebted to hospital staff.

“In the end they saved my life and the lives of our girls,” she said.