Reddit user orders PlayStation 5, receives a bag of rice instead

Coal in the stocking is such an overrated Christmas trick.

This piece originally ran on Kotaku Australia on December 29, 2021. It’s been re-timed as a weekend read, and also because it’s another Ruby Innes ripper.

Sony’s latest console was a torment for most people to get their hands on, with Christmas being “ruined” for many by a lack of PlayStation 5s under the tree. This is a result of many factors, including a shortage of chips and parts in the countries where the consoles are manufactured. Unfortunately, there is also the case of bots buying up stock for scalpers to sell at exorbitant prices to fill their own wallets. If you’re wondering what happened to that PS5 you had in your Amazon cart for a second before it disappeared, it might be online for $1300 on the same website if not elsewhere. I hope this helps!

While we hope at least some of you got the PlayStation 5 you ordered for Christmas, it looks like one unlucky person hasn’t. A user on the r/PlayStation subreddit posted about their dismay at opening their Amazon package. What was supposed to be a next-gen console to play AAA games on was instead a big bag of AAA rice.

Reddit user orders PlayStation 5, receives a bag of rice instead
Image: Reddit / Kotaku Australia.

To make matters worse, Amazon asked the user, who went through jouislones, when contacted for support, to return the rice to receive their refund. So this poor soul will not only be without PlayStation 5, but will also be without rice meal to get their money back. Gameless and hungry? Sounds like you’re kicking them as they come at me.

Reddit user orders PlayStation 5, receives a bag of rice instead
Screenshot: Reddit.

Interestingly, this isn’t even the first time this has happened. In the Christmas season of 2020, Amazon customers who thought they could get their hands on a PlayStation 5 console were instead greeted with boxes full of all kinds of different products. This included cat fooddog foodmore ricea air fryerand a George Foreman grill† I don’t claim to be an expert at this sort of thing, but in my professional opinion I don’t believe any of these items can play bugsnax.

Some online have argued that this could be the result of nefarious acts by Amazon delivery guys sweeping the PlayStation consoles for themselves and instead filling the box with other items to match the console’s weight. After CCTV footage was released last year showing an Amazon delivery person stealing a PlayStation 5 console, this theory is popular with those trying to figure out where the hell their consoles are.

While there is some wish to believe that these cases are the result of a simple swap, the scarcity of consoles available and the difficulty in acquiring them may lead some to get their hands on a console through not-so-legal and sometimes horrific weigh. Coming back to scalpers, the concept of dirty deeds in the PlayStation 5 market wouldn’t be too surprising to see.