Refrain from advertising online gambling platforms: I&B Ministry to print, electronic, digital media

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Monday advised print, electronic and digital media not to advertise online gambling platforms, as betting and gambling are illegal in “most parts” of the country and pose significant financial and socio-economic risk to consumers. to shape. The ministry said the advice was issued in the greater public interest and comes in light of cases of a number of advertisements from online gambling websites/platforms appearing in print, electronic, social and online media.

It has advised the print and electronic media to refrain from publishing advertisements from online gambling platforms. It has also advised the online and social media, including online advertising brokers and publishers, not to run such advertisements in India or target such advertisements to the Indian audience.

“Gambling and gambling, illegal in most parts of the country, pose a significant financial and socio-economic risk to consumers, especially young people and children,” the ministry said in a statement.

These ads on online betting have the effect of promoting “this largely banned activity,” it added.