Rep. Jamie Raskin talks to Donald Trump and previews the January 6 hearings

Congressman Jamie Raskin from Maryland, a senior member of the Jan. 6 committee investigating the Capitol attack, states: Inside the beehive an exclusive preview of next week’s prime-time hearing.

After nearly a year of investigating the insurgency, Raskin says the most surprising discovery was “the role that money played, and the role of a financial motive behind all of these events to keep the money flowing.” The committee, he promises, will also draw direct and indirect lines between “the top of the Republican hierarchy” and the “violent hooligans and street fascists” who have captured the Capitol.

But will Donald Trump be involved yourself? Raskin has said the former president will receive his “comeppance”, but whether he will face direct criminal charges for his “premeditated” role in a coup attempt remains an open question. Seductively, Raskin turns to the question of whether former vice president Mike Pence has spoken with the committee or could testify against Trump. “I can’t get in it,” he says.

Plus: Raskin delivers a powerful message and emotional plea to Democrats demoralized by the political landscape facing the party entering the midterms.


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