Report: Bucky Barnes Coming to Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics has been quiet about which heroes it’s working on Marvel’s Avengers. A new report has reportedly revealed at least one of those heroes, as a renowned leaker within the gaming community has stated that Bucky Barnes will be coming to the game as a playable character sometime in the future.

prominent avengers insider Miller simply tweeted that Bucky Barnes would be the next hero. He too later replied saying that Barnes wouldn’t be an echo of Captain America, something fans might be concerned about given the overlap between Hawkeye and Kate Bishop and Thor and Mighty Thor. Miller didn’t give a release window, but implied it wasn’t fast. As found on Reddit, there are also some datamined voice lines welcoming Barnes to the game, one of which appears to be from Wakandan characters (including Black Panther himself). Other voice lines summon Barnes (as well as She-Hulk and Captain Marvel) as he falls in battle.

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However, it’s unclear how this all fits with the other reports claiming She-Hulk is also coming to the game. Miller tweeted in December that She-Hulk would be in the game and will be voiced by Krizia Bajos, something Bajos seemingly confirmed with a (now deleted) tweet. A recent official Xbox stream seemed to have supported that report, as the host revealed that his voice acting teacher voiced the unannounced character, which was a description that also referenced Bajos. And in addition to the aforementioned speech line leaks, there are also others that mention She-Hulk.

Mighty Thor’s release complicated things a bit, as it looked like She-Hulk would arrive before the hammer-wielding hero, but Miller attributed the reported move to the team looking to align more closely with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She-Hulk’s rumors also point to this being plausible (given Mighty Thor’s release around) Thor: Love and Thunder how it premiered before She-Hulk’s upcoming Disney+ series), but if Bucky were subsequently placed in the game, the game would presumably be out of line with the MCU.

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While the details have not been confirmed by Crystal Dynamics and may be a little fuzzy or still in flux, Miller was right about Marvel’s Avengers often in the past. He first reported that god of war actor Christopher Judge would voice Black Pantherhow Crossbones would be a villainThat Jane Foster was on her way to the matchand datamined more than one handful from skins of the title before their official announcements, some of which are still undisclosed. Crystal Dynamics has kept tight-lipped anyway, but with plenty of evidence pointing to She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Bucky Barnes, it looks like the next few heroes won’t be any big surprises.