Report: Jared Kushner was “directly involved” in Trump’s early bid to reverse the election

Since moving to Florida on January 20, 2021, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have spent a significant amount of time getting rid of the “stench” of Donald Trump and January 6 from their reputation. That image rehabilitation exercise culminated last Wednesday with what Javanka scholars say is arguably the most Javanka-y stunt of all time, with the pair trying via anonymous sources to insist that, despite going to the bitter end for the government- Trump had worked absolutely nothing to do with the filthy false election claims and knew it even before it was asked Joe Biden, that Trump had lost. That might have made the couple look good if it weren’t for the fact that, if it were true, it meant they were fully aware of Trump’s misdeeds and chose not to speak out against him. But the even bigger problem with the whole “we had no part in this” story? That the former first son-in-law apparently was extreme involved in Trump’s early attempts to stay in power.

rolling stone‘s Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley report that in the week after the 2020 election, Jared Kushner “took charge of overseeing the development of plans to keep Trump in office,” according to four people familiar with the matter. While he wasn’t on TV making crazy accusations like… Rudy Giuliani or sydney powell, Kushner apparently had the same goal as the two disgraced lawyers, meeting “repeatedly” with the then-president and other top advisers to work out possible strategies for “multiple legal battles and a scorched-earth messaging war against the victorious Biden campaign.” Kushner, Suebsaeng and Rawnsley tell his father-in-law that there may still be a viable path to a second term through a number of states that had already called for Biden, and despite the recent New York Times headline that he had “washed his hands of Trump” on Nov. 5, 2020, Kushner reportedly urged his wife’s father to ignore the people who said it was over.

“Jared was directly involved,” a former senior aide to Trump said rolling stone, claim that Kushner “positioned himself as the” Jim Baker of this fight,” referring to the Republican attorney who came forward George W. Bush‘s 2000 legal team. (as Trump adviser) Jason Miller told The everyday beast in November 2020, the president’s son-in-law was “more hardcore in fighting this back than anyone.” At one point, when Trump started leaning harder on the insane lies being spread by Giuliani and the like, Kushner reportedly told Trump he would have no part in the effort. But while the Boy Prince of New Jersey would seemingly want people to believe that he never played a role in the effort to keep Trump in power, a source told rolling stone that’s actually not true at all. “Jared helped create what then turned into the Rudy clown show,” said one of them.

And then, of course, there’s this inconvenient fact:

“If the plan had worked, and if… [Mike] pennies had done what the [former] president wanted him to do, Jared would jump up and down… or call journalists to take credit for being the man behind it all [and] the man who made it all possible,” said a former senior Trump administration official who attended the tumultuous presidential transition. “Come on. Spare me.”

Kushner didn’t respond to rolling stone‘s request for comment.

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