Resident Evil: each story ranked from worst to best


4. Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

Following the events of Resident Evil 2Claire Redfield raids an Umbrella facility in Paris as part of her ongoing search for her brother, Chris. She is eventually caught and sent to a maximum security prison on Rockfort Island. There, she soon discovers that an outbreak of the T-virus has turned the island into a war zone. While trying to escape, she stumbles upon a new companion (Steve Burnside) and elements from Umbrella’s history that might have been better kept in limbo.

Veronica perhaps the most divisive Resident Evil game in terms of its story. Some fans can’t get past its awful voice acting (even if it’s deliciously bad at times) and others feel this is the game that really leaned into the corny old one. Resident Evil games and strived to go as far over-the-top as possible. For me, though, I think this game is a fascinating bridge between two eras of Resident Evil tell a story.

Almost every pleasantly absurd moment in Code Veronica is balanced by some really compelling lore, some surprisingly emotional character moments, and even just some fantastic harks back to the previous games in the franchise. Look beyond the obvious issues with this game’s production value, and you’ll find one of the REGARDING franchise’s most ambitious and successful attempts to tell a story that is bizarre, heartfelt and at times truly creepy.

Resident Evil 7

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

One day, Ethan Winters receives a letter from his wife, Mia, who has been missing for three years. Because I’ve probably never seen one of the Silent Hill games, Ethan decides to go deep into Louisiana’s bayou in search of the love of his life. Instead, he finds a family that is only too happy to welcome him.

Resident Evil 7 not only brought the REGARDING franchise back to its horror roots; it provided a fascinating, somewhat self-contained horror story that drew clear (and welcome) inspiration from films like the Evail Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While there isn’t much plot in this game’s opening hours, this is one of those instances where storytelling is more important than the size or scope of the story itself. You’ll be forced to see what happens to Ethan next, even if you’re too scared to see what’s around the next corner.

While Resident Evil 7Unfortunately, the ending doesn’t make the most of its incredible opening hours, you could honestly argue that the first three-quarters of this game have the scariest, most compelling, and best-told story in the game. Resident Evil history.