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A retiree who has lived on a remote island for nearly 30 years has now returned after struggling with civilization.

Masafumi Nagasaki, 86, left his family and friends to live on the deserted island for 29 years but was forced to return to civilization in 2018 by the Japanese government.

Now he is allowed to return to his home on Sotobanari Island, in the Yaeyama Islands, after his time in the real world left him anxious and unhappy.

And Masafumi feels free again after ditching his clothes to live happily ever after on the tropical island.

Alvaro Cerezo, 41, a Spanish explorer, found Masafumi while searching for remote islands and later fought for his right to return with Japanese authorities.

Masafumi Nagasaki, 86, is now allowed to return to a remote island



“He had struggled so much in civilization, when we finally managed to get him back, it was amazing,” Cerezo said.

“We had discussions with his doctors and the local authorities for about three weeks, and they finally agreed that we could take him back.

“They were clearly against letting him die on the island. As soon as we told him the plan, he jumped for joy and burst into tears of gratitude.

His face lit up like an excited little child when he heard he was going back. During the ride he often looked up, smiled at the sky and thanked life with folded hands.

Masafumi Nagasaki Struggling to Adjust Back to Civilization


Docastaway / MERCURY PRESS)

“As soon as we landed on the island, he started cheering and celebrating.”

Cerezo first discovered Masafumi while exploring the region in search of uninhabited islands for his company Docastaway, which leaves brave vacationers on remote uninhabited islands to survive days or weeks all alone.

He said: “I spent a few days on the island with him in 2014 to get to know him and his lifestyle.

“At the time, I did not share the interview we recorded out of respect for his privacy.

“I only shared it in 2018 after I found out he was forced to leave the island to share his story and gain support.

“He had always said he wanted to die on the island, so it was very difficult to hear that he was forced to leave.”

Masafumi Nagasaki spent 29 years on a desert island before returning to civilization


Docastaway / MERCURY PRESS)

Masafumi struggled to adjust to life in civilization after being used to fend for himself.

“In a typical society like that of the Japanese, hardly anyone understood his eccentric way of life or his extreme desire to live naked on a desert island,” Cerezo said.

“As a result, most of the people around him looked at him with contempt and a little bit of fear. He spent most of his days in his room, tucked away from the noisy world.

“His small room became like his desert island where he could isolate himself because it was the only place where he could live with his clothes off and feel free as he had for the past 29 years.

“Every now and then if he felt too confined in his room, he would go outside to collect garbage from the street, because he was shocked by the pollution and all the garbage that people had created.”

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