Richard Wilkins defends son Christian against online trolls

Richard Wilkins has no time for haters.

The TV personality takes to Instagram in defense of his son after people criticized Christian’s Logies red carpet outfit.

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“So…to anyone who dares to suggest that I am in any way ‘ashamed’ of my son Christian…for whatever reason…You are wrong!” He wrote.

“I couldn’t be prouder!!,” Richard continued. “He is an exceptional human being who will leave his mark on the world long after his opponents are gone. I love you unconditionally.”

He also has “proud dad” in his Instagram bio.

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Earlier this week, Christian responded to trolls on Twitter who said his choice to wear a dress was “not normal”.

“All I can really say is that I am amazed at how vulnerable the patriarchy is that it can be threatened by a piece of silk,” he told 9Honey.

Christian Wilkins at the Lodge of 2022
Christian Wilkins wore a backless dress at the 2022 Logies. (Getty)

Most reactions to Wilkins’ choice of the red carpet were positive, with many praising him for wearing something different from the standard tux most men wear to the event.

And the love for Christian kept flowing in the comment section of Richard’s Instagram post.

Today host Karl Stefanovic wrote: “Extremely exceptional. He is a light. A beautiful human light. Which comes from beautiful people. And light. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not worthy of knowing you or paying attention to you. I love you so much.”

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Reporter Leila McKinnon also weighed in, “If we’re going to form an army against anyone who has cast doubt on the wonderful relationship between two of my favorite people, count on me!”

“I can only dream of such a close bond with my daughters when they are adults,” says Belinda Russell.

Christian Wilkins (left) and Richard Wilkins arrive on Wednesday 9th August 2017 for the launch of the David Jones Spring Summer 2017 collection in Sydney
Richard Wilkins and his son Christian are incredibly close. (MONKEY)

Christian and Richard have always been close.

In 2020 Christian . told Women’s Weekly that “people would be very surprised at how much we both look to each other for support in terms of life, love and career.”

Richard has five children. “I am extremely proud of each of them and supportive, protective and, hopefully, loving,” he said said in the same conversation. ‘I’m the best father I know. And I am certainly a much better father now than when my first child was born.”

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