Ricky Martin faces $3 million lawsuit over ‘career termination’ charge

Ricky Martin’s ex-manager, Rebecca Drucker has sued the singer for $3 million in unpaid commissions during her tenure, during which he helped him settle a “potential career-ending allegation” and “rescued [his] career.”

Drucker worked as Martin’s talent manager from 2014-2018 and 2020-2022. Her legal counsel claims “Martin made millions of dollars and therefore owes Rebecca significant commissions,” and in one notable example, she helped steer him through a near-catastrophic charge.

According to Los Angeles Central District Court DocumentsIn September 2020, Martin received a letter from a lawyer threatening to file a public complaint against the singer if he failed to financially resolve a claim the lawyer’s client had filed against him.

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Singer Ricky Martin speaks at the Hispanic Heritage Month event.
The plaintiff alleges that Ricky Martin owes her millions in commission. (AP)

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“After reading the legal letter, Martin collapsed. He expressed his extreme fear to Rebecca that if this threat was carried out, the consequences for Martin would be catastrophic.”

Drucker reportedly helped bring in “top trial attorney” to handle the case, and the claim “never saw the light of day in the end.”

The documents also allege that Drucker managed contracts, tour sponsorships and general consulting, while the Latin pop singer fueled a toxic work environment where he constantly mistreated, manipulated and lied to her. These circumstances forced her to resign more than once.

After her first discharge, the documents claim that Martin’s career took a nosedive.

“Martin’s business and finances have suffered. His relationship with his advisers has been broken. Martin’s personal life was in disarray.”

Ricky Martin reveals 'worst thing he did in quarantine'
Court documents allege that Martin fueled a toxic work environment. (Today)

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When he rehired her in 2020, his career blossomed. But according to the lawsuit, Drucker was again forced to take on duties beyond her salary.

“She was forced to deal with a litany of Martin’s personal problems, such as problems with the nanny he hired to care for his children, Martin’s non-payment of taxes and his drug abuse, among other issues.”

Drucker threatened to quit again in 2021, and in response, Martin begged her to stay in exchange for a ten percent commission on gross income instead of the previously agreed-upon five percent.

This prompted her to withdraw her resignation and she continued to work with the signer for another year.

According to the documents, Martin “collapsed” after reading the legal letter. (WireImage)

During this time, the work environment remained toxic, Martin’s company ignored and refused her payment requests, and they eventually pressured her to resign.

Drucker claims, “Martin has now threatened Rebecca and is trying to force her to sign a nondisclosure agreement to silence Rebecca over Martin’s abhorrent behavior that she has both seen and endured.”

Drucker has refused to sign the NDA, opting instead to sue him for the millions in a jury trial.

Ricky Martin achieved considerable fame in Australia when he spent three seasons of The voice from 2012-2014.

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