Ronaldo between United and Bayern… Mercato, the devils complicate the situation

The position of the Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, is getting more complicated every day in the summer transfer market, especially in light of the fact that the Manchester United team, in which the star plays, has not yet signed a player and the squad that suffered last season has been not renewed and made Ronaldo think about leaving the Premier League.

United crisis and Mercato

Cristiano Ronaldo is not living in good conditions with the Manchester United team, and the matter has nothing to do with the current summer transfer window but since last season, especially when the England team looked very bad and failed to deliver the required level locally or in Europe , which made it difficult to present the top scorer at the level, as usual in light of his modest-roster play.

In this context, British newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Mirror reported that Ronaldo started thinking about leaving Manchester United this summer, and one of the main reasons for this decision is related to the Red Devils’ inability to recruit leading players. who can change things on the pitch and empower the team to compete for local and European titles in the 2022-2023 season.

From Ronaldo’s point of view, the weakness of Manchester United’s squad does not help him compete for the titles the “Don” needs. Accordingly, today the team management is obliged to attract different players, not only to support the team with prominent players who help improve the quality of the team, but also because strengthening the group keeps Ronaldo with the England team.

Ronaldo had hinted last season that he was not happy with Manchester United’s level and that the players were not helping him much on the pitch to provide him with the best level of attack, all despite the player’s numbers being good in 2021-2022, the Don played in 39 games. He scored 24 goals and assisted 3 goals, which means his contribution to 27 goals, which is a good number for a 36-year-old striker.

Complicating things now is that the Manchester United team has put several deals on the table to sign her this summer, but has so far failed to close a deal, and even Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who was reported by the Spanish and British media that he will leave Barcelona and move to United, his file has not been moved and things are still the same.

On the other hand, the rest of the deals that the British media have talked about have not all been resolved yet, which is likely to hasten Ronaldo’s departure this summer and his move to a new football project in the 2022-2023 season, and Bayern Munich appears to be an outstanding candidate to sign the player, according to Spanish and British newspapers.