Rudy Giuliani angrily denies being drunk while advising Trump, insists Pepsi is his drink of choice


Since their first public hearing began Thursday night, the Jan. 6 commission has used Trump insider testimony to show that: Donald Trump was told over and over that there was no evidence that the 2020 elections had been stolen from him, and that Joe Biden honestly won. As a former campaign manager Bill Stepien testified, he had explained to Trump that, because of the voting patterns, the “early return” [would be] positive” and that they had to “wait and see” how it would turn out. As Stepien, senior advisor Jason Miller, and then first daughter Ivanka Trump all told the panel, they didn’t believe Trump had any evidence to declare victory on election night. One person did, and that person? Rudolph William Louis Giuliani better known as Rudy Giuliani. Who was seemingly three blades against the wind when he advised Trump to go out and just claim he won.

And while recent years have made it clear that the ex-New York mayor-turned-Trump consigliere doesn’t need alcohol to make bad decisions, the panel’s vice chairman said. Liz Cheney used her opening speech on Thursday to refer to testimonies that alleged Giuliani was indeed intoxicated on election night. Noting that Trump would have rejected the advice of advisers who urged him to wait for the numbers to come in, Cheney accused Trump “following the course recommended by an apparently intoxicated Rudy Giuliani, of simply claiming he won, and insisting.” to insist that the vote count stop – to falsely claim that everything was fraudulent.” That claim was supported by both Stepien and Miller, the latter of whom told the panel that Giuliani was “absolutely drunk”.

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But according to the former mayor, who seemingly hits new lows every few months, reports of his drunkenness are patently false. “I am disgusted and outraged at the outright lie of Jason Miller and Bill Steppien [sic]Giuliani wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, claiming that if he was acting erratic it was because he was angry that they didn’t respond to his and Trump’s false claims about voter fraud. “I was angry that they were not prepared for the massive deception (as well as other lawyers around the president). I refused all alcohol that night. My favorite drink..Diet Pepsi.” He added: “Is Miller and Steppien false testimony because I yelled at them? Are they paid to lie?”

Giuliani subsequently deleted the tweets; also on tuesday, huh responded“Yes, unfortunately he did,” to one who tweeted to him that “the president surrounded himself with wimpy Quislings. Thank you for holding on, Mr. Mayor. I admire loyal people.”

While it’s not clear at this point whether the good folks at PepsiCo demanded Giuliani remove any mention of their product from his timeline for fear of association, it’s clear there were previous reports that the man on the night of the elections were hammered. In addition to Miller’s testimony, Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker wrote in their book I alone can fix it that observers felt that Giuliani drank too much on election night, while author Michael Wolff told MSNBC last year that “Rudy was incredibly drunk, weaving this way and that way… Trump aides were clearly, or rightly so, concerned about what Giuliani was saying to the president about the election and giving him misinformation, but they were also concerned that it would break [priceless artifacts]in the China Room of the White House. (In another MSNBC appearance, Wolff also said Giuliani was “if not constantly drunk, certainly buzzed…throughout most of the Trump administration.”)

For his part, Giuliani has a long history of denying he has a drinking problem. Responding to his ex-wife’s suggestion that he is an alcoholic, he told… New York magazine in 2019: “I used to drink. I like Scottish. I can not help it. All malts. And some of those are cigars – I like having them with cigars. I’m a reveler.” Last year, in response to claims he was drunk on election night, he told NBC New York: “I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview drunk. I mean, I drink normally. I love Scotch, I drink Scotch.”

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