SA Liberal, Labor politicians to attend pro-life event, before state’s abortion laws go into effect


South Australian politicians from across the aisle will attend a pro-life event on Saturday aimed at encouraging young people to “fight for the human rights of the unborn” just days before state laws decriminalizing abortion come into effect.

Organized by the recently launched pro-life group Enid Lyons List, the “youth training day” will include mentoring from Liberal leader David Speirs, Labor Secretary Clare Scriven, Liberal MPs Heidi Girolamo and Nicola Centofanti, and SA Best’s Frank Pangallo .

“We must activate a new generation to rise up and fight for the human rights of the unborn and for greater support and good health care for their mothers,” reads the event page.

On its website, Enid Lyons List said it aims to “prepare and equip women leaders to take office in places of influence” and “support the upliftment of women who advocate for the protection of human life.”

The youth event comes a week after the historic Roe v Wade ruling was quashed in the United States, and days before South Australia’s laws decriminalizing abortion – passed more than a year ago – came into effect.

Mr Speirs said he would not push for changes to South Australia’s abortion law despite his attendance at the event.

“I was invited to talk about my leadership journey, not focus on it [on] certain policy issues, like abortion, and I won’t do that tomorrow,” he said Friday.

A man in a blue suit and white shirt but no tie stands between large classical columns
David Speirs is one of the politicians on the list to attend Saturday’s pro-life event.ABC News: Brant Cumming

The organizer of the Defend Abortion Action Group, Ana Obradovic, said the timing of the event, before South Australia’s law came into effect, was “outrageous” and “shameless”.

Ms Obradovic said the overthrow of Roe v Wade in the United States had “inspired” pro-life groups and was a “wake-up call” against complacency for reproductive rights advocates.

“No one is going to save us but us,” she said.

“Legal precedents are not enough. We have to fight to defend our gains, especially as the conservative right is trying to push back against those gains, and they’ve been organizing to do that since the 1970s.”

Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas said his government had no plans to revise South Australia’s abortion laws.

“I don’t expect legislation to be tackled soon … we think legislation passed by parliament last year should be enacted,” Malinauskas said.

Enid Lyons List has been contacted for comment.

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