SAG-AFTRA publishes list of qualified intimacy coordinators – deadline


As part of its effort to create a safer work environment for actors performing in scenes involving nudity, simulated sex and other intimate scenes, SAG-AFTRA has released a list of qualified and experienced intimacy coordinators.

The list includes the names and contact details of 40 intimacy coordinators from the United States, UK, Canada and Australia who have met union-recommended standards for qualifications, vetting and training – and who also have a minimum of 60 days of experience – such as the names of five others who have proof of training and at least 25 days of experience.

See the list here.

SAG-AFTRA Chairman Fran Drescher said:

“As we finally enter an age where an artist’s personal space matters, a new field has emerged: intimacy coordinators. This is an important step forward for all SAG-AFTRA members and will improve the atmosphere on sets and in productions that require intimate scenes. With the presence of the intimacy coordinator, performers are protected in potentially vulnerable situations.

“These professionals act as an advocate and liaison between performers and productions, facilitate communication and assist with movement and choreography when filming nudity and intimate scenes. It benefits the production as much as it does the performer.

“The days of married characters being shot in twin beds are long gone, so the need for specially trained intimacy coordinators should be an essential part of any production that uses nudity, simulated sex or overexposed scenes. With the arrival of intimacy coordinators for each production, we continue to push the needle forward to create a more honorable industry that respects the feelings of all those participants who make it great.”

“SAG-AFTRA has been working hard with the community of intimacy coordinators to establish standards that can ensure producers have access to qualified intimacy coordinators to work with our members on SAG-AFTRA productions,” said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the national director of the union. director. “Intimacy coordinators are a vital safeguard for performers who work in intimate scenes. This vital resource will further normalize and promote the use of intimacy coordinators, helping to change the culture in Hollywood and beyond.”

Read SAG-AFTRA’s Recommended Standards for Qualifications, Training and Intimacy Screening

SAG-AFTRA noted that its registry and pre-registration lists “are provided to employers for informational purposes only and are not intended to imply endorsement of any person or company by SAG-AFTRA.”

The release of the lists follows the creation last year of the first industry-wide accreditation for intimacy coordinator training programs and builds on the standards and protocols for using intimacy coordinators originally introduced in January 2020. “Together,” said SAG-AFTRA, “the accreditation standards, protocols and registries will help protect and support SAG-AFTRA members and enable them to operate in a manner that preserves their personal and professional dignity while expressing the creative vision of a director realizes.”