Saudi League: 1,344 match results threaten Al-Ahly with relegation

The relegation battle in the Saudi Professional League this season seemed completely different from previous seasons, given the number of threats that reached 7 clubs for the final round the day before yesterday. Digitally it is remarkable that the number of teams threatened with relegation increases from year to year. In the 2020 season, four clubs were threatened with relegation in the last round, while the number of results before relegation was 27 as a result of a match, and the number of teams that relegation is threatened in the 2021 season rose to six clubs, and the high probability of results Relegation to 243 match result.
In the current season, the number of clubs at risk of relegation has risen to seven with a huge number of relegation options to 2,187 matches.
The odds of Al-Ahly, who are currently in 14th place with 31 points from 29 matches due to relegation from their current position, were 692 match results, compared to 444 results for Al-Batin, 366 for Al-Ettifaq, 241 for Al- Faisaly, 178 for Al-Raed, 116 for Al-Taawon and Al-Taei with 14 possible relegation results.
As for 15th place and who will occupy it, Al-Ettifaq appears to be a leading candidate in the number of relegation possibilities, occupying this position with 1,059 results, compared to 652 for Al-Ahly, 360 for Al-Batin, 59 for Al-Faisaly, 42 for Al-Raed and 15 for Taawun.
There are also some other possibilities where two or more teams will sign and then return to direct clashes between them.
Asharq Al-Awsat publishes photos showing the relegation prospects of seven Saudi clubs currently competing in the competition, making it necessary for researchers, interested parties, experts and coaches to study these results to find out the truth about what these cases that are increasing in the Saudi league means.
The competition for survival in the Saudi Professional League was ignited, with one leg remaining at the end of the current season.
Al-Ahly’s position deteriorated sharply as he struggles to escape the specter of relegation to a lower echelon after suffering an agonizing 1-3 defeat to his leading scorer on Thursday in the twenty-ninth (penultimate) leg of the competition.
And after it was confirmed that Al-Hazem (bottom of the rankings) had fallen to the lowest level, there were still two seats left in the First Division, waiting for the decision in the final leg. Al-Ahly’s balance froze to 31 points in fourteenth place (third from bottom), one point behind the security centers, while Al-Raed’s balance rose to 34 points, to get out of the relegation positions after moving up to 11th. position .
Aqil Balghith Al-Subhi advanced in the interest of Al-Raed in the 43rd minute, before Raed Al-Ghamdi and Karim Al-Barkawi added the second and third goals in the 60th and 83rd minutes respectively, while Carlos Eduardo Al-Ahly’s goal scored. only goal in the fifth minute of the second half.
Al-Ahly has been forced to beat host Al Shabab in his final round of the competition this season, to avoid relegation, in the hopes that his competitors’ results in the same round will benefit him, but his relegation will be officially confirmed if he fails to beat his opponent, without looking at the rest of the other results.
Al-Batin and Al-Faisaly have revived their hopes of survival, having defeated their rivals at that stage. Al-Batin defeated his guest Damak 2-1, while Al-Faisaly defeated his guest Al-Taei 1-0.
Al-Batin turned his back on Damak with a goal signed by Jose Antonio Dorado in the sixth minute, to a valuable victory thanks to the goals of his two stars Mohamed Rayhi and Youssef Sami Al-Shamri in the 12th and 30th minutes from a penalty kick .
Al-Batin’s balance rose to 32 points and moved from penultimate position to thirteenth place (the first survival centers), while Damak’s balance stopped at 43 points in fifth.
Al-Faisaly regained the tone of the wins he missed in the last three stages, after beating Al-Tai with a clean goal signed by Julio Tavares in the 24th minute.
Al-Faisaly increased his score to 33 points in twelfth place, while Al-Taei’s score stopped at 34 points in ninth place.
Al-Taawoun fell into the trap of a 1-1 draw with his guest Al-Shabab and forfeited the chance to officially stay at that stage without waiting for the final leg.
Al-Taawun’s balance rose to 33 points in tenth place, while Al-Shabab increased its score to 54 points in fourth place.
The initiative came from Al-Shabab, who advanced through Hattan Bahbri in the 29th minute, but Amin Younes awarded a draw in the 58th minute to Al-Taawoun, who ended the game with ten players after his Slovakian player Philip Kiss was taken off the field. was sent. the sixth minute of stoppage time for the second half.
Al-Nasr won a smashing 4-1 victory over its host Al-Hazm, to ensure it took third place in the league standings, after boosting its score to 58 points, while Al-Hazm bottomed out. remained with 17 points. points.
Abdul-Ilah Ali Al-Omari opened the scoring for Al-Nassr in the 12th minute, while Anderson Taliska added the second goal in the 60th minute, but Ola John narrowed the gap by scoring Al-Hazm’s only goal in the 70th minute. score from a penalty kick.
Al-Nasr wiped out his opponent’s hopes of taking at least a point after his players Sami Al-Naji and Anderson Taliska scored the third and fourth goals in the 85th and third minute of the lost time respectively.
And imposed the same negative connection on Abha’s meeting with his guest Al-Fayhaa.
Abha’s balance rose to 35 points in seventh place, to ensure that next season remains officially in the league and outperforms direct clashes with Al-Fayha, eighth, who is equal to him in the balance.