Saweetie reveals why she decided to part with her hair: ‘I feel so free’


Saweetie reveals why she decided to part with her hair: ‘I feel so free’

sweetie finally shares why she decided to part ways with her hair – and the ICY GRL has no regrets.

During an interview, the GLAMOR cover model shared the love-hate relationship she had growing up. This may come as a surprise to some, but according to sweetie

“I hated my hair. It is naturally very kinky and curly. It’s nice, but I was a tomboy and thought, ‘I don’t have time for this.’”


The Best friend The rapper went into detail about how she preferred a “long, straight, smooth press on the West Coast,” before learning her choice was based on discriminatory beauty ideals. She said,

I just felt like my hair was very low maintenance and not easy to do. I always wish I had straight hair.

For Saweetie, the life-changing decision had deep meaning. It finally meant loving oneself beyond the wigs, products, and what the public wanted to see. She has also credited mindfulness with inspiring the move.

“I actually shaved it off because [during the] fourth quarter of last year I learned about meditation. The deeper I got an understanding of spirituality, self, alignment and purpose, I just wanted to start over with everything. And hair holds energy! I was like, ‘Damn, this hair has been with me ever since, I don’t know, and I’m ready for a fresh start.’”

While she can’t wait to get her luscious curls back after years of damage from various haircuts, sweetie said her bald head makes her feel so free.

“I think it’s important to get in touch with your natural style, because it’s part of self-love, self-care. If you can’t appreciate some of it [you], then you cannot appreciate yourself as a whole. I know this because I’ve struggled with different areas of loving myself.”


As mentioned before, sweetie did the big heel in late 2021, debuting her new blonde look while on vacation.

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