Sea of ​​Thieves’ Captaincy update, five years in the making, arrives in July

Sea of ​​Thieves will finally launch its Captaincy update with the arrival of the game’s seventh season in July.

Five years in the making, the Captaincy update has been on Rare’s to-do list before Sea of ​​Thieves even launched. With the update, players will be able to buy their own ship, name it and decorate it with loot collected during their adventures.

Originally, the idea was that players would store their ships in the Pirate Legend hideout below the taverns at each of the game’s outposts. Now players will use the game’s newest building, which is located on the reserve dock at each outpost, to purchase and equip their new ship. Players can also use this new building to quickly turn in their loot if they don’t have time to drag everything down on foot.

Sea of ​​ThievesWith the Captaincy update, players will be able to live the pirate life more fully with a dedicated, tenacious ship waiting for them on every server they log into. It opens the door to even more player stories, building a recognizable ship and an accompanying legend.

Captaincy had to be put on the back burner after that Sea of ​​Thieves moved from Unity engine to Unreal during development. Other features (and problems) had to take precedence. It’s only in the last few years that Rare has started implementing features that were present in the Unity build of the game when it was abandoned. For example, breakable masts, wheels and capstans took years to arrive but were considered an essential part of Unity construction. It’s cool to see Rare still working out the ideas it had in the original design. Five years after Rare expected it to be a ten-year life cycle, one wonders what else will see the light of day in the end.

Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves was recently delayed due to technical issues related to a recent update, but will launch in late July.